The Ambassador Edge Stack is a Modern Kubernetes Ingress Controller

The Kubernetes documentation and many other resources will recommend a simple ingress controller to get you started getting traffic into your Kubernetes cluster. However, as your application grows, you will need additional functionality from your ingress controller, including:

1. Security and authentication

2. Rate limiting and circuit breaking

3. Progressive delivery

4. Self-service configuration

The Ambassador Edge Stack is a modern ingress controller, built on Kubernetes and Envoy Proxy, that is easy to set up and free to use.

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Built on the Envoy Proxy and fully Kubernetes-native, the Ambassador Edge Stack is a modern Kubernetes ingress controller with all the functionality you need to enable your developers to securely and effectively manage traffic to your Kubernetes application as the application matures. Ambassador’s declarative configuration model extends the Kubernetes workflow and minimizes the learning curve for new users. Its self-service configuration empowers developers to safely and efficiently code, test, deploy, and release their Kubernetes services faster. Join the 6000+ organizations that are currently using Ambassador!

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“Ambassador is a great productivity tool, and provides a single point of reference for all of our services. We’ve also saved a lot of money and complexity since we’ve eliminated many of our ELBs. Ambassador has been very stable and robust for our needs.” - Paris Apostolopoulos, Lead software Engineer at Ticketmaster

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