Introduction to Kubernetes for Application Developers

A Guide on How to Get Started with Kubernetes

Do you want to learn about Kubernetes, but are not sure where to start? We get it! Finding the right place to start learning new concepts can be hard, and so we thought we’d provide you with the right resources to kickstart your Kubernetes education.

Our free interactive guide will provide you with all the basic fundamentals you’ll need to learn Kubernetes, and allow you to apply these learnings in real-time. You’ll learn how to code, ship and run your applications efficiently on Kubernetes and also gain hands-on experience with popular open source tools like: Kind, Kubie and Telepresence.

Using this guide will help you understand how to:

  • Configure your local development environment for Kubernetes using Kind & Kubie
  • Package code into containers and run them on a remote cluster
  • Improve the coding feedback loop with Telepresence, and so much more!

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Interested in Learning More?

Looking to learn more about Kubernetes? Visit our Kubernetes Developer Learning Center, a hands-on resource for application developers learning Kubernetes. Get help from expert mentors and our community of users to help you adopt Kubernetes faster and with more confidence.