12 Days of Cloud Native

The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier each year! Ambassador Labs is ready to take you into the holiday season with a curated collection of great content, tips, tools, and fun!

Come back everyday during the "12 Days of Cloud Native" for a chance to win prizes and pickup skills as we head into 2023!

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Monday December 5

Kubernetes Learning Center

Take the Kubernetes Challenge and learn How to use Kubernetes and Ambassador Cloud to Code, Ship, and Run your K8s services in less than 20 minutes! Get Started Now

Tuesday December 6

What is Ambassador Edge Stack? and its Key Benefits

Ambassador Edge Stack is a Kubernetes-native API Gateway that delivers scalability, security, and simplicity for some of the world's largest Kubernetes installations.
Watch the video and learn how it works and how you can get started in minutes!

Wednesday December 7

Win an iPhone 14 and other prizes!

Take a quick 5-minute survey about your use of Kubernetes for a chance to win an iPhone 14, a Pluralsight subscription, and other prizes! Take the Survey Now

Thursday December 8

E-Book: Moving to the Cloud: Exploring the API Gateway to Success

Explore the benefits and challenges of moving to the cloud through the lens of API gateways, What new practices and technologies you will need to embrace Download the E-Book Now

Friday December 9

8 Fallacies of Distributed Computing

Learn about common fallacies of distributed computing from the perspective of cloud native networking, and discover how to avoid mistakes when building microservice-based systems for Kubernetes Read the 8 Fallacies of Distributing Computing Now

Monday December 12

Video: Accelerate Local Kubernetes Development with Telepresence

Telepresence allows you to code, test and deploy features faster in Kubernetes. View and manage your services across the software development lifecycle in real-time with a common interface that integrates with your existing Kubernetes workflow. See Telepresence in Action!

Tuesday December 13

Technical Guide: Transforming Developer Productivity with Kubernetes

A guide to boost the cloud native developer experience for your team. If your not seeing all of the promised benefits with adopting Kubernetes, this is the guide for you!

Wednesday December 14

"K8s in 8" Developer Challenge

Take the Kubernetes Challenge and learn how to use Kubernetes and Ambassador Cloud to code, ship, and run your K8s services in less than 20 minutes!

Thursday December 15

E-Book: How Ambassador Labs Uses Our Own Products

Whatever you call it – ‘dogfooding’ or the slightly upmarket ‘drinking your own champagne’ – using your own tools can lead to engineering and operational excellence while delivering better products externally. Learn from experts in the industry! Download the Ebook Now

Friday December 16

How to create an effective Developer Experience (DevEx)

Learn how to build cloud platforms and create an effective developer experience (DevEx) for deploying container-based applications to Kubernetes Go to Ambassador Labs Podcasts Now

Monday December 19

Tech Talk: "From Kubernetes to PaaS, What is Next?"Feat. Daniel Bryant (Head of Developer Relations)

We often talk about needing a Kubernetes platform, but are we really looking for a PaaS? Or instead, are we looking for some kind of developer control plane with a Goldilock-sized collection of tools that provides just the right amount of platform? From Kubernetes to PaaS, What is Next?

Tuesday December 20

8 Fallacies of Testing Microservices Systems

Learn about the most common testing challenges associated with building distributed systems, such as microservice-based applications and modern SOA, and explore tools and techniques that can help!