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Get a free technical lunch-and-learn to help your team adopt Kubernetes (we'll supply the pizza 🍕)

“The Golden Path Pizza Party” is a free technical lunch-and-learn event to help teams adopt Kubernetes using proven architectural patterns and trusted open source tools. The cloud native journey may be challenging but with the Kubernetes experts at Ambassador as your guides, your team will get on the “Golden Path” in no time.

We think the Golden Path should also be paved with food and fun so we’ll hook your team up with free pizza (or tacos, if you prefer) and limited edition swag too 🍕✨

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Technical Guides

Daniel Bryant

Head of Developer Relations

Edidiong Asikpo

Developer Advocate

Kay James

Solutions Engineer

Casey Kurosawa

Support Engineer

Selena Nguyen

Customer Engineer

William Hardin

Lead Customer Engineer


Our lunch and learn sessions are one hour, and we’ll walk through any questions you have and discuss the topics you expressed interest in.

  • 5 Minutes: Introductions
  • 45 Minutes: We’ll dive into your topics of interest or any burning questions you have (with pizza or tacos, your pick 🍕🌮)
  • 10 Minutes: Q&A

Topics of Interest, Explained

Cloud Native Testing using Docker Extension for Telepresence

Learn about Ambassador’s new Docker Desktop extension and how to integrate it into your development practice.

Best Practice Migration Patterns for Kubernetes

Get advice from experts at Ambassador Labs on migrating to a Kubernetes architecture.

Continuous Delivery & GitOps Best Practices with Kubernetes

Learn about best practices for continuous delivery with Kubernetes and how Ambassador can help establish and optimize a GitOps workflow.

Accelerating Feedback Loops for Kubernetes Development

Talk to experts at Ambassador about ways to optimize your developer workflow with the help of Telepresence.

Implementing Production-Ready Kubernetes Ingress

Get best practices on setting up a production ready Kubernetes-native Ingress using Ambassador Edge Stack.

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Ambassador Labs, the cloud developer experience leader and maker of top CNCF open source projects Emissary-ingress and Telepresence. Ambassador helps teams code, test, ship, and run apps for Kubernetes faster and easier than ever.