Let Developers Try Your Demo at Home

Share pre-configured YAML with your talk attendees so they can try your demo for themselves.

In today’s climate of virtual events keeping your audience’s attention is harder than ever. What if you could keep your audience engaged by enabling them to try your demo live at home during your talk? Enabling your audience to try your demo on their own during your talk gives them a way to learn by doing and makes it more likely that your message will stick. But how do you make sure all of your audience members will be able to get your demo environment set up quickly and correctly?

The K8s Initializer

The K8s Initializer is a self-service web interface designed to help Kubernetes application developers to quickly and easily spin up pre-configured Kubernetes playgrounds to experiment with new tools. With just a few clicks, the K8s Initializer generates thousands of lines of YAML that just need to be applied to a Kubernetes cluster so that you can experiment with tools in an environment that looks just like production.

Using the K8s Initializer to Level Up Your Demo

Developer advocates across the industry are using the K8s Initializer to configure their demos for all kinds of conferences including KubeCon, AllDayDevops, and local meetups. Learn more about how they’re using the K8s Initializer:

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Set up your own Kubernetes playground for your demos today

Get Started

The K8s Initializer currently supports:

Ambassador Edge Stack for Ingress





ArgoCD for CI/CD

Keycloak for Authentication

Knative for Serverless