Supporting Dev/Ops API Gateway Separation of Concerns with Emissary-ingress

August 31st, 12 PM ET

An API gateway is on the critical path of every user request. Developers want to be able to quickly release new microservices and update routing configuration. Operators want to establish strong security and best practice guardrails. Join this session to learn how to balance this two sometimes contradictory requirements with the CNCF Emissary-ingress project.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how the design of Emissary-ingress’ CRDs allow the Dev/Ops concerns to be implemented separated and also worked on collaboratively
  • Learn how to use Emissary’s CRDs to your advantage to improve your development deploy and release workflow
  • Explore how Emissary-ingress supports large teams and departments shipping new features safely and securely

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Kay James, Solutions Engineer at Ambassador Labs