Modern Kubernetes Security

A Tech Talk series for platform engineers, architects, and developers

Hear from Kubernetes experts and learn hands-on techniques to help strengthen your cloud native security! Join us for three technical talks and learn how to secure your clusters and traffic based on proven industry best practices and open source tools.

End-to-End Encryption with Linkerd

🗓️ Wednesday, July 27th 2022, 12 PM ET

Learn how to set up end to end traffic encryption with Linkerd. Linkerd is a service mesh that adds reliability, observability, and security to your microservice application.

External Filters for Added Security at the Edge

🗓️ Wednesday, August 3rd 2022, 12 PM ET

Learn how to set up external filters to use external authentication mechanisms to increase the strength of your cluster’s info. External filters are for using any auth flow we do not currently support, such as Google SSO.

Managing Multiple IdPs for Authentication

🗓️ Wednesday, August 10th 2022, 12 PM ET

With authentication comes the choice of how users should be authenticated, and with a multitude of IdPs out there, it may not be easy. Instead of picking and choosing, it’s possible to utilize many different types of IdPs for authentication use.

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About Our Speakers...

Casey Kurosawa

Solutions Architect at Ambassador Labs

Kay James

Solutions Engineer at Ambassador Labs

Hanna Ballantine

Associate Customer Engineer at Ambassador Labs