Charting the Future of Kubernetes Ingress for Dev and Ops

A Tech Talk series for platform engineers, architects, and developers

Implementing an effective Kubernetes Ingress or API gateway solution is a vital component of your cloud native projects. As all user traffic flows through the Ingress, the operational guardrails need to be centralized, but developer-focused configuration needs to be self-service. Join us for a series of tech talks exploring best practices for operationalizing Ingress, providing support for modern protocols, and enabling developers to release APIs with speed and safety.

K8s the Easy Way: Get Hands-On with Ambassador Cloud and Edge Stack

🗓️ August 17th, 12 PM ET

Deploying and running applications on Kubernetes is hard, from having to learn abstract concepts about containers and Pods to remembering magic incantations that you must cast via the kubectl command line. Ambassador Labs can help with this! Join this session to get an overview of using Ambassador Cloud and Edge Stack to deploy a sample application and route user traffic to this via a simple web-based UI.

Implementing IPv6 with Emissary-Ingress: Future-Proof Your Cloud Comms

🗓️ August 24th, 12 PM ET

IPv6 was launched over 10 years ago in an attempt to address the challenges of scaling the Internet. The benefits of IPv6 are clear, including simplified administration, more efficient routing, and true quality of service (QoS). But implementing this in your Kubernetes ingress and load balancer can be challenging. Join this workshop to learn how to set up Ambassador Edge Stack to support IPv6.

Supporting Dev/Ops API Gateway Separation of Concerns with Emissary-ingress

🗓️ August 31st, 12 PM ET

An API gateway is on the critical path of every user request. Developers want to be able to quickly release new microservices and update routing configuration. Operators want to establish strong security and best practice guardrails. Join this session to learn how to balance these two sometimes contradictory requirements with the CNCF Emissary-ingress open source project.

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Emma Murtagh

Associate Customer Engineer at Ambassador Labs

Kay James

Solutions Engineer at Ambassador Labs

Casey Kurosawa

Solutions Architect at Ambassador Labs