Is Ambassador still open source?

Yes. Ambassador is still 100% open source and available under the Apache Software License 2.0. We’ll continue to release regular builds of Ambassador, just like we always have.

What’s the difference between the Ambassador Edge Stack and the current Ambassador API Gateway?

The Ambassador Edge Stack includes additional functionality beyond the current Ambassador API Gateway, including automatic HTTPS, the Edge Policy Console UI, OAuth/OpenID Connect authentication support, integrated rate limiting, a developer portal, and more.

What are the differences between the Community and Enterprise licenses for the Ambassador Edge Stack?

The Community Edition of the Ambassador Edge Stack limits your usage of certain features (mainly authentication and rate limiting) to no more than 5 requests per second. The developer portal is also limited to displaying 5 APIs. For all other features of the Ambassador Edge Stack (e.g., routing), there is no rate limit. The full comparison of features is available here.

The Enterprise version includes enterprise support and removes any limits.

How does an Edge Stack compare to a service mesh? Do I need both?

As its name implies, an Edge Stack addresses the challenges of routing traffic from the Internet to your application. A service mesh is focused on the challenges of routing traffic between services. While the technologies used in some service meshes and edge stacks may overlap, the two areas are complementary. For more information on the edge versus service mesh, see https://blog.getambassador.io/api-gateway-vs-service-mesh-104c01fa4784.

Will Datawire continue to support the open source community within the Ambassador Slack channel?

Yes. No changes are being made to the Ambassador Slack channel. If you need help with the Ambassador Edge Stack or the API Gateway, join the Slack!

How do I upgrade an existing version of Ambassador to the Ambassador Edge Stack?

If you’re an existing Ambassador API Gateway user, follow these upgrade instructions to upgrade to the Ambassador Edge Stack.