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What’s new in Telepresence 2.8.0?

Global Client Configuration

All values that previously was only configurable using a local config.yml file, or in some cases a Kubernetes extension in the kubeconfig, on each workstation, can now be configured using a client: structure in the Helm chart. A client will configure itself according to this global configuration whenever it connects to a cluster. The local configuration still exists, and has precedence.

View the Client Configuration

A new telepresence config view command is added to make it easy to view the current client configuration, as set when merging the configuration provided by the traffic-manager with the local configuration. When called with --client-only, the command will only show the configuration stored in the config.yml file of the client.

YAML Output

The --output flag that is global to all telepresence commands, now accepts yaml in addition to json so that output from commands like telepresence config view can be nicely formatted.