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Using Telepresence with Linkerd


Getting started with Telepresence on Linkerd services is as simple as adding an annotation to your Deployment:

The local system and the Traffic Agent connect to the Traffic Manager using its gRPC API on port 8081. Telling Linkerd to skip that port allows the Traffic Agent sidecar to fully communicate with the Traffic Manager, and therefore the rest of the Telepresence system.


  1. Telepresence binary
  2. Linkerd control plane installed to cluster
  3. Kubectl
  4. Working ingress controller


Save and deploy the following YAML. Note the annotation in the metadata of the pod template.

Connect to Telepresence

Run telepresence connect to connect to the cluster. Then telepresence list should show the quote deployment as ready to intercept:

Run the intercept

Run telepresence intercept quote --port 8080:80 to direct traffic from the quote deployment to port 8080 on your local system. Assuming you have something listening on 8080, you should now be able to see your local service whenever attempting to access the quote service.