Rate Limit Speedometers

The Edge Policy Console (EPC) Dashboard tab shows two gauges to help users monitor their throughput rates for Rate Limited and for Authenticated traffic with AES.

The LEFT Speedometer

  • Shows requests per second (RPS) for AES Rate Limited traffic.
  • Only traffic that has an AES Rate Limit applied will be monitored. Select the Rate Limits tab in the EPC and apply at least one limit. If no rate limit has been set this gauge will show zero.
  • Current values are updated every second.
  • Max values are the highest rate of traffic over a 24 hour period.

The RIGHT Speedometer

  • Shows RPS for all Authenticated user traffic through AES.
  • Authenticated usage is separate from the Rate Limited usage shown in the left hand speedometer.
  • A user's authenticated traffic limit is determined by their license, which is visualized by the green zone on the speedometer arc.

Authenticated traffic volumes are a key factor in determining capacity needs and we want to help you select the Ambassador license optimal for your purposes.


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