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Upgrade Ambassador Edge Stack 2.0.5 to Ambassador Edge Stack 2.3.1 (Helm)

Migrating from Ambassador Edge Stack 2.0.5 to Ambassador Edge Stack 2.3.1 is a four-step process:

  1. Install new CRDs.

    Before installing Ambassador Edge Stack 2.3.1 itself, you need to update the CRDs in your cluster; Helm will not do this for you. This is mandatory during any upgrade of Ambassador Edge Stack.

    kubectl apply -f https://app.getambassador.io/yaml/edge-stack/2.3.1/aes-crds.yaml
    kubectl wait --timeout=90s --for=condition=available deployment emissary-apiext -n emissary-system
  2. Delete Ambassador Edge Stack 2.0.5 Deployment.

    Use kubectl to delete the Deployment for Ambassador Edge Stack 2.0.5. Typically, this will be found in the ambassador namespace.

    kubectl delete -n ambassador deployment edge-stack
  3. Install Ambassador Edge Stack 2.3.1.

    After installing the new CRDs, use Helm to install Ambassador Edge Stack 2.3.1. Start by making sure that your datawire Helm repo is set correctly:

    helm repo delete datawire
    helm repo add datawire https://app.getambassador.io
    helm repo update

    Then, install Ambassador Edge Stack in the ambassador namespace. If necessary for your installation (e.g. if you were running with AMBASSADOR_SINGLE_NAMESPACE set), you can choose a different namespace.

    helm install -n ambassador \
    edge-stack datawire/edge-stack && \
    kubectl rollout status -n ambassador deployment/edge-stack -w