Edgectl Install: No address for the load balancer service

The installer could not retrieve an address (DNS name or IP address) for the load balancer that enables traffic from outside the Kubernetes cluster to reach Ambassador.

What's next?

  • Provisioning a load balancer might be taking longer than expected.

    1. Check whether a load balancer address has appeared:

      kubectl get -n ambassador service ambassador -o "go-template={{range .status.loadBalancer.ingress}}{{or .ip .hostname}}{{end}}"

      On most cloud providers, a load balancer will appear within five minutes.

    2. Run the installer again:

      edgectl install
  • If your Kubernetes cluster doesn't support load balancers, you will need to provide a route from the outside Internet to your AES installation in some other way. See the Bare Metal Installation Guide for some options.

The large cloud providers all have load balancers, but if you have an in-house solution, you probably don't have a load balancer.


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