Edgectl Install: Can't communicate with the Kubernetes cluster

Installation of Ambassador Edge Stack (AES) requires a Kubernetes cluster. The installer was unable to access your Kubernetes cluster using kubectl.


The installer uses the current kubectl configuration and context to access your Kubernetes cluster.

  • If you are using a non-default Kubernetes configuration file, remember to set your KUBECONFIG environment variable.
  • Use kubectl config current-context and kubectl config set-context to view or set the current context from among the contexts defined in the configuration file
  • Use kubectl version to see version information for the cluster specified by the current configuration and context

See the Kubernetes documentation about kubectl for more information.

If you don't have a Kubernetes cluster...

If you don't have a Kubernetes cluster, various cloud providers make it easy to create one, and local options allow you to try Kubernetes on your own workstation (with limitions). See the Kubernetes documentation on Getting Started for a number of local cluster options and this crowdsourced list on GitHub for a links to managed providers.


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