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Edgectl Install: Existing installation detected

The installer detected that an existing version of Ambassador is already installed in your Kubernetes cluster. To avoid causing damage to your current setup, the installer has stopped.

The Edgectl Installer is designed for easy first-time installs, but not for upgrading or downgrading an existing installation. We recommend that you use the Ambassador Operator to automatically manage those Day 2 operations (upgrades, etc).

What's next?

  • Perhaps your installation is ready to go, having been installed in a different manner. Try edgectl login to access the Edge Policy Console running on your existing installation.

  • Is kubectl talking to the cluster you intended?

    • If you are using a non-default Kubernetes configuration file, remember to set your KUBECONFIG environment variable
    • Use kubectl config current-context and kubectl config set-context to view or set the current context from among the contexts defined in the configuration file
    • Use kubectl version to see version information for the cluster specified by the current configuration and context
    • Once kubectl refers to the intended cluster, you can run the installer again with edgectl install


We’re here to help if you have questions.