Developer Portal

Rendering API Documentation

The Dev Portal will automatically discover all services known by the Ambassador Edge Stack (i.e., have a valid Mapping). For each prefix in a Mapping, the Dev Portal will attempt to fetch a Swagger or OpenAPI specification from $PREFIX/.ambassador-internal/openapi-docs. You will need to update your microservice to return a Swagger or OAPI document at this URL.


All rendered API documentation is published at the /docs/ URL by default. In a subsequent release, support will be added for publishing at alternative URLs.


By default, .ambassador-internal is not publicly exposed by the Ambassador Edge Stack. This is controlled by a special FilterPolicy called ambassador-internal-access-control.

Note that these URLs are not publicly exposed by the Ambassador Edge Stack, and are internal-only.

Dev Portal Configuration

The Dev Portal supports configuring the following environment variables for configuration:

AMBASSADOR_URLExternal URL of Ambassador Edge Stack; include the protocol (e.g., https://)
DEVPORTAL_CONTENT_URLURL to the repository hosting the content for the Portal
POLL_EVERY_SECSInterval for polling OpenAPI docs; default 60 seconds

Styling the Dev Portal

The look and feel of the Dev Portal can be fully customized for your particular organization. In addition, additional content on your API documentation (e.g., best practices, usage tips, etc.) can be easily added.

The default Dev Portal styles are hosted in GitHub. To use your own styling, clone or copy the repository, and update the DEVPORTAL_CONTENT_URL environment variable to point to the repository. If you wish to use a private GitHub repository, create a personal access token and include the PAT in the DEVPORTAL_CONTENT_URL variable following the example below:

Iterating on Dev Portal styling and content

Check out a local copy of your content repo (see DEVPORTAL_CONTENT_URL above) and from within run the following docker image:

docker run -it --rm --volume $PWD:/content --publish 8877:8877

and open http://localhost:8877 in your browser. Any changes made locally to devportal content will be reflected immediately on page refresh

Customizing the Dev Portal URL prefix

Default Dev Portal prefix is /docs/. To change the prefix, edit the ambassador Mapping CRD named ambassador-devportal. Change the prefix to your desired prefix (for example /documentation/) and change the rewrite to /docs/

Note: Dev portal uses another mapping named ambassador-devportal-api which, for now should not be changed. This restriction will be removed in a future release.


We’re here to help if you have questions.