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Ambassador Edge Stack Documentation

The Ambassador Edge Stack is a comprehensive, self-service edge stack and API Gateway for Kubernetes built on Envoy Proxy. The shift to Kubernetes and microservices has profound consequences for the capabilities you need at the edge, as well as how you manage the edge. The Ambassador Edge Stack has been engineered with this world in mind.

First Steps

New to Ambassador Edge Stack? Start here! We've worked hard to make installing and using Ambassador Edge Stack as easy as possible.

Getting help

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How the Documentation is Organized

We work hard at keeping our documentation useful for all of our users. Here's an overview:

  • Installation covers the different ways to install and upgrade Ambassador, including Helm, Docker, and manual YAML install.
  • Key concepts in Ambassador are broken into three areas:
    • Core Concepts covers the core principles of Ambassador. Kubernetes and cloud-native development is different, and we explain how to use Ambassador in this context.
    • Using Ambassador is designed for app developers and other users of Ambassador.
    • Running Ambassador is for operators, site reliability engineers, and other Ambassador users who are responsible for running Ambassador in production.
  • HOWTO Guides are recipes for configuring Ambassador to address specific challenges such as Single Sign-On, rate limiting, or integrating with a service mesh. They assume some general knowledge of Ambassador.

It's easy to get started with Ambassador Edge Stack. Get started now:

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