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Once Ambassador Edge Stack uses a prefix to identify the service to which a given request should be passed, it can rewrite the URL before handing it off to the service. By default, the prefix is rewritten to /, so e.g., if we map /prefix1/ to the service service1, then

would effectively be written to


when it was handed to service1.

You can change the rewriting: for example, if you choose to rewrite the prefix as /v1/ in this example, the final target would be:


And, of course, you can choose to rewrite the prefix to the prefix itself, so that

would be "rewritten" as:


Ambassador Edge Stack can be configured to not change the prefix as it forwards a request to the upstream service. To do that, specify an empty rewrite directive:

  • rewrite: ""

For more information on how rewrite and prefix can be configured, see Mappings.


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