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Transforming Developer Productivity with Kubernetes

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Cloud native software development
An overview on the IT impact of “shifting left” and cloud native software development
Navigating the architectural transition
Practical tips for navigating the architectural transition to Kubernetes via modern technologies like developer control planes
Best practices
Best practices on organizational adoption from industry leaders

Learn from these thought leaders

Bjorn Freeman-Benson

“A developer control plane says, 'Oh, you know that wonderful experience that you have when you're developing just on your laptop with your IDE? We want that same experience across the whole cloud-native service deployment operation experience'.”

Bjorn Freeman-Benson

CTO, SVP of Engineering

Cheryl Hung

“Most of the time, you don't need the depths of everything to code. You need … a developer portal that lets you do what you need to from a dashboard. Give developers a UI from which they can do 95% of the things they need to do.”

Cheryl Hung

VP Ecosystem

Mario Loria

“We should aim to create something like a single pane of glass, where instead of having all these different places to look or tune, or to try and understand what's going on, we can see everything transparently.”

Mario Loria

Senior SRE

Kasper Nissen

“It's not just Kubernetes now – that's just the common framework. It's all the other stuff that's the hard part now: linking everything together and making it work.”

Kasper Nissen

Lead Platform Architect

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This “new cloud native normal” has blurred lines between developer and infrastructure teams and has fundamentally changed the developer experience, creating a need for closer collaboration and centralized tooling for entire teams to build, ship, and run apps.

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