Continuous Deployment Pyramid

The Continuous Deployment Pyramid outlines the four different types of strategies application developers and their teams should adopt to ship cloud-native software faster. The pyramid also shows the type of organizational focus required for each type of strategy.

Prevention strategies such as unit testing are frequently started as grass-roots efforts by developers. At the top of the pyramid, investing in response readiness requires organization-wide discipline. In between, strategies such as observability and proactive mitigation are a mix of organic adoption with some strategic support.

1. Response Readiness

Ensure that engineers are prepared to fix an issue, any time.

2. Proactive Mitigation

Limit the impact of an issue to as few end users as possible.

3. Observability

Expose the internal state of a system through telemetry, enabling engineers to detect and troubleshoot issues.

4. Prevention

Identify and prevent issues from entering production.