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It was great meeting so many of you, and we're glad we had the chance to chat and learn from each other!

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What is Ambassador Fest?

It’s an online meetup where members of the community can connect directly with our engineers and other users to exchange ideas and ask questions. There will be lightning talks by Ambassador and Telepresence engineers, demos, office hours, and AMAs.

Who can I meet at Ambassador Fest?

Featured session hosts so far include Gene Kim, Daniel Bryant, and Flynn!

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Ambassador Fest is over, now what?

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When is Ambassador Fest taking place?

Ambassador Fest will be open November 17-20, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST

Detailed schedule

Our confirmed session hosts include...

Ara Pulido

Technical Evangelist at Datadog

Ara Pulido is a Technical Evangelist at Datadog. Prior to that she worked as an Engineering Manager in Bitnami and Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. She has more than 10 years of experience working on infrastructure open-source companies. She is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator. She lives in Malaga, Spain, where she can enjoy three of her favourite free time activities: hiking during spring and autumn; snorkeling, during summer; and going for tapas with friends all year round.

Daniel Bryant

Product Architect l Top 100 Dev-Ops Influencer

Daniel Bryant works as a Product Architect at Ambassador Labs. His technical expertise focuses on ‘DevOps’ tooling, cloud/container platforms, and microservice implementations. Daniel is a Java Champion, and contributes to several open source projects. He also writes for InfoQ, O’Reilly, and The New Stack, and regularly presents at international conferences such as OSCON, QCon and JavaOne. In his copious amounts of free time he enjoys running, reading and traveling

Dex Horthy

Director, Customer Engineering at Replicated

Dex has been passionately hacking on cloud native tech at Replicated for almost 4 years now. When he's not collaborating with software teams or deploying his blog on Kubernetes, he enjoys overcomplicating dinner prep and running the Chicago lakefront.


Principal Engineer

Flynn is a Principal Engineer at Ambassador Labs, where he leads development of Ambassador, an open-source Kubernetes-native API gateway meant to make Envoy accessible without needing to become an Envoy expert.
Flynn’s career in computing spans more than 35 years and runs the gamut from bringup on bare metal up through distributed applications, with a common thread of communications and security throughout. He has spoken about Ambassador and other cloud native technologies at several conferences including KubeCon/CloudNativeCon, DevOps Days, and the NYC Kubernetes meetup

Forrest Knight

Senior Sales Engineer at Lightstep

Forrest Knight is a Senior Sales Engineer at Lightstep. Before that he spent years building software in the retail finance and aerospace industries, and has architected systems across many others. He joined Lightstep when it became obvious they were creating a solution to a yet solved problem in the rapidly developing distributed system landscape. Outside of work he spends as much time as possible dancing.

Gene Kim

Technical Advisor

Gene Kim is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, researcher, and multiple award-winning CTO. He has been studying high-performing technology organizations since 1999 and was the founder and CTO of Tripwire for 13 years. He is the author of six books, The Unicorn Project (2019), and co-author of the Shingo Publication Award winning Accelerate (2018), The DevOps Handbook (2016), and The Phoenix Project (2013). Since 2014, he has been the founder and organizer of DevOps Enterprise Summit, studying the technology transformations of large, complex organizations

John Esmet

Principal Engineer

John Esmet is a Software Engineer at Ambassador Labs. In his early career, John spent time developing storage engine software for popular databases systems like MySQL. He has presented on the use of novel indexing algorithms for filesystem metada. More recently, he worked in the AdTech industry, focusing on both platform engineering and traditional DevOps challenges. John now works on Ambassador with a focus on Envoy and a passion for Kubernetes. In his free time, he likes to hike, rock climb, solve jigsaw puzzles, pet cats, and cook.

Kenn Hussey

Director of Engineering

Kenn is Director of Engineering at Ambassador Labs, where he leads our product teams in building cutting edge tools that drastically improve the way cloud native developers work. With origins in telecommunications and model driven software development, Kenn has decades of experience leading open source projects and putting Agile and DevOps principles into practice. Prior to Ambassador Labs, Kenn led product development teams at Puppet and Cloudsmith. Kenn is originally from Nova Scotia and is an avid sailor.

Maru Newby

Software Developer for Red Hat

Maru currently assists in maintaining the OpenShift control plane for Red Hat. Previously, he worked on Kubernetes Federation, OpenShift networking and OpenStack networking.

Noah Fontes

Senior Principal Software Engineer at Puppet

Noah Fontes is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Puppet where he spends most of his time hacking on cloud-native technology products and experiments. His expertise covers many years working on highly-available SaaS products and services across a variety of industries from online advertising to data analytics. Noah has been contributing to open-source software for over 20 years and is a passionate advocate for an equitable techno-utopian future.

Peter O'Neill

Product Education Engineer for strongDM

Peter ONeill is a Product Education Engineer for strongDM. He is enthusiastic about about teaching and helping people better understand what it means to have a cloud native mindset. You can regularly find him talking about Kubernetes and Terraform to anyone that will listen. Prior to this he has held roles at Mozilla Corporation, Webpass by Google and ThousandEyes by Cisco.

Thomas Rampelberg

Software Engineer at Buoyant

Thomas Rampelberg is a Software Engineer at Buoyant Inc. He has made a career of building infrastructure software that allows developers and operators to focus on what is important to them. He is a contributor to Linkerd and has been maintaining Kubernetes applications at scale and the edge since version 1.0.

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