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Talks + Office Hours

Talks, plus office hours, with engineers who are experts in devops, Kubernetes, and Telepresence.

How Distributed Tracing Can Help with Production Readiness

This session with cover how distributed tracing can help with production readiness, especially for users using service meshes, etc.

Featuring Forrest Knight

Multi-Cluster Is Easier Than You Think: A Chat Behind the Scenes

Multi-cluster is becoming the new norm; practically everyone runs multiple dev and staging clusters, and running multiple cross-AZ/DC production clusters is a best practice for high availability. However, connecting multiple clusters is often seen as challenging. Thomas and Daniel developed a tutorial to convince developers that it's actually easy to get started with Linkerd and Ambassador, and this session will allow you to listen in as Thomas and Daniel reflect on how they developed their tutorial, plus what experiences informed their call-outs and watch-outs.

Featuring Thomas Rampelberg and Daniel Bryant

Running Untrusted Web Services with Ambassador, Knative, and gVisor

Containers are a wonderful vehicle for isolating software for operational convenience, but historically they have been considered an inappropriate method for sandboxing untrusted code. However, with new technology like Firecracker and gVisor, it's becoming possible to run untrusted software in a container in an otherwise trusted environment. In this session, we'll take a quick look at how you can use Kubernetes admission controllers to patch support for gVisor into Knative. We'll put everything together with Ambassador API Gateway to show how you can enable on-demand HTTP APIs for your customers à la Google Cloud Run, and discuss some future possibilities.

Featuring Noah Fontes

DevOps talk and AMA with Gene Kim

Gene Kim is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, researcher, and multiple award-winning CTO. He has been studying high-performing technology organizations since 1999 and was the founder and CTO of Tripwire for 13 years. Since 2014, he has been the founder and organizer of DevOps Enterprise Summit, studying the technology transformations of large, complex organizations.Gene Kim will give a 5 minute devops talk, followed by a 20 minute AMA.

Featuring Gene Kim

Debugging OpenShift Cluster Operators with Telepresence

In OpenShift 4.x, the control plane is deployed as a set of microservices, with each control plane component (apiservers/controller-managers/scheduler/etc) managed by its own operator. To simplify development and maintenance of these operators, I’ve added support for running Telepresence against any given operator with `make telepresence`. A little scripting goes a long way in ensuring that a developer can debug an operator with Telepresence without having to know how it is deployed in a cluster or how it is invoked locally.

Featuring Maru Newby

Deliver Kubernetes Add-ons without the Headache

When delivering tools that run in someone else's cluster, debugging is a whole different ball game. The newly open sourced project makes it easy to understand what's happening with your app, no matter where it's running.

Featuring Dex Horthy

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Short, pre-recorded demos providing unique insights and tips.

From Zero to End-to-End Observability in No Time!

Distributed tracing and profiling are two core components of the observability toolset that can help you pinpoint performance bottlenecks in your distributed application. But how hard are they to set up? Actually, this can be quite easy! In this demo we will show how monkey patching, always on profilers and a tracing-ready API Gateway like Ambassador will get you there in no time at all. We will also use tracing and profiling to identify and fix several performance issues in our application.

Featuring Ara Pulido

OAuth Scope Validate - Included in 1.9.0

As part of our release of 1.9.0, we are sharing this demo clip that shows how one of our engineers was able to set OAuth filters to get the correct scope arguments, making it possible for JWT scope validation to work for Azure users.

Featuring Luke Shumaker

Lightning Sessions

Short, bite-sized segments featuring Ambassador Labs engineers and team members. Good for developers at any stage in their Kubernetes or Ambassador journey.

Exploring Distributed Tracing: How a Playground Can Help

We explore the use cases for distributed tracing within a microservices-based system and discuss best practices for getting started at the edge (and working "outside-in"). We'll also outline how to spin up a playground with all of the pieces needed to begin experimenting.

Featuring Alex Gervais

The Past, Present, and Future of Cloud Native API Gateways

This session aims to help engineers establish context around what problems an API gateway aims to solve, and explore how this has been impacted with the adoption of cloud native architectures and technologies such as microservices, containers and Kubernetes, which are more numerous, ephemeral, and dynamic. We aim to provide a series of signposts for engineers that are looking to understand their options for Kubernetes-based API gateway technologies and related workflows.

Featuring Daniel Bryant

Kubernetes Workflow 101: From an Idea to an API in Production

A codified series of high level steps that we have seen help engineers reach the “aha” moment of understanding how their existing development workflow will need to change when they adopt cloud native technologies like Kubernetes.

Featuring Daniel Bryant

Tuning Ambassador for Maximum Performance

You use Ambassador, you love Ambassador, and you're ready to take your skills to the next level.This session will help you fine-tune, in order to get the most out Ambassador.

Featuring Flynn

Kubernetes for Non-Engineers

Are you interested in learning about cloud-native, but you're not an engineer, and you're not sure where to start?This session explores resources you can use to get up to speed, plus what do you need to know in order to effectively drive go-to-market strategy?

Featuring Kelsey Evans

Game Days: Playing in the Rain

The best way to plan for a rainy day is to actually play in the rain! Learn about our practice of doing Game Days to improve our processes, test the resiliency of our systems, validate observability mechanisms, and reduce stress during real incidents.

Featuring Kenn Hussey

EKS Auth-File Explained: Controlling EKS with Your IAM Credentials

AWS EKS combines IAM policies and kubernetes RBAC for very specific access controls. This talk will help new-ish EKS users understand what actions can be granted with IAM and which are specific to RBAC.

Featuring Peter O'Neill

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