The History of Edgy

"No, I am not a penguin." - Edgy

Where It All Began... The Original Edgy

Edgy, the Ambassador Labs blackbird logo, was influenced by the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.

The Lockheed Skunk Works division created the SR-71 Blackbird as a long-range, high altitude, strategic reconnaissance aircraft in the 1960s. The Blackbird was top secret, stealthy, and fast — in fact, it is still the fastest airplane ever built.

In 2016, Datawire (now Ambassador Labs), was getting ready for a conference, and about to come out of stealth mode. We started to use the Blackbird code name for the upcoming product launch since some of us are aviation buffs and pilots, and since the Blackbird was stealthy. This led to developing our mascot as a “blackbird” (no it’s not a penguin), and the blackbird mascot was born. The blackbird wears a tuxedo because he is an ambassador.

Fast forward to 2019, and we launch the award-winning Edge Stack, and the engineering team started to refer to the blackbird as “Edgy”.

Here at Ambassador Labs, Edgy is not just a logo. The different Edgy characters create and represent the energy around our different projects.

Edgy as a Product

Ambassador Edgy

Edgey was made to represent the Ambassador Edge Stack when we made the switch over to the website

Telepresence Edgy

Our team then modified Edgey for the Telepresence mascot by adding a VR headset to communicate the concept of virtual microservice testing.

Forge Edgy

Edgey was also modified to represent Forge, an old open-source project. Forge's features were centered around CI/CD, which have now been incorporated into the Ambassador Edge Stack.

Edgy as a Mood

Smiling Edgy

Edgy is all happy after using the K8s Initializer. In just five clicks, Edgy created application-ready environments.

Communicative Edgy

Helping out on best practices calls, doing podcasts, and talking on zoom calls are some of Edgy's favorite things to do.

Bloodshot Eyes Edgy

After long coding sessions, Edgy's eyes get a little tired.

Jetpack Edgy

Helping developers code faster on Kubernetes has always been part of our company's and Edgy's DNA. What better way to move faster than with a jetpack.