Summer of K8's Week 2 ADOH Registration

Summer of Kubernetes Office Hours Registration

Ship Week 5: Wrap Up and Overview

Description: We'll use this time to review the Ship module, answer any questions, and connect people who share similar experiences.


  • Understand the basics of continuous delivery and GitOps
  • Learn about how K8s enables declarative CD (via the use of reconciliation loops)
  • Learn about tooling options for implementing CD within Kubernetes
  • Deploy a sample application to Kubernetes continuously using ArgoCD
  • Understand what progressive delivery is, and how is differs from CD
  • Implement a canary rollout of a sample application into Kubernetes using Argo Rollouts
  • Understand options for integrating the Argo projects into your workflow
  • Conduct a rollout of a sample application via the CLI, just YAML, and via Ambassador DCP

Time: August 4, 2021 at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada), 7:00 AM Pacific Time, 4:00 PM Central European Time, 7:30 PM Indian Standard Time