DCP Deep Dive Session

Developer Control Plane 1.0 Release Tech Talk

Description: Last week we announced general availability of the Ambassador Developer Control Plane 1.0, our managed developer control plane solution. DCP 1.0 integrates some of the most popular CNCF tools, including Argo, Emissary-Ingress, Envoy Proxy, and Telepresence, into an integrated cloud-native workflow. With the Ambassador Developer Control Plane, any cloud-native developer can code, ship, and run Kubernetes services -- without YAML. Best of all, the DCP is fully integrated with Kubernetes and Git, so you can use your existing Kubernetes and GitOps workflows.

In this tech talk, we'll walk you through what's new in the Ambassador DCP 1.0 with deep dives into the three key areas of functionality: coding, shipping, and running your Kubernetes services.

Time: June 30, 2021 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada), 8:00AM Pacific Time, 4:00PM Central European Time, 8:30PM India Standard Time

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